Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Subaru Triathlon Series On Twitter!

As many of you know, we are actively engaging with our followers on Twitter chatting about anything from training tips, Ironman and triathlon results and other industry news. The triathlon and Ironman community is very big on Twitter so if you haven't signed up, now is your chance!

Did you also know that we treat our Twitter and any social media platform (such as Facebook or Blogger) as another way to offer you better customer service? That's right! If you have any questions about an event, some race specific inquiry or simply want to give us your feedback, Twitter is a great place to start! Not only will we do our very best to respond but it's very likely that others might also respond.

As you might know "hash tagging" on twitter is a way to "bookmark" a topic or a conversation. You might have seen words with a "#" symbol in front of it like #Muskoka703 or #SubaruSeries. This is Twitter's way of bookmarking a topic. So if you want to see what the buzz is surrounding the Muskoka 70.3, simply search on twitter with #Muskoka703 and you'll see all the tweets on the topic! You can read more on hash tagging by visiting the Twitter website or by clicking here.

One thing we wanted to clarify going forward is the proper use of hash tags for our events. Below is the list of hash tags we'll be using for all our races this year:
We will also tweet about our Ironman events using the following hash tags:
This is a great way to find conversations on past races, ask questions about the course or how to specifically train for an event and much more. When tweeting with one of these hash tags, make sure to include us! Also add @SubaruTriathlon in the tweet!

Happy Tweeting from all of us at Subaru Series Triathlon!

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