Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Sugoi Jersery Promotion

Exciting News! Register for 4 or more races at one time or for an EXPRESS CARD and receive a beautiful custom designed Subaru Triathlon Series bike jersey from Sugoi! 

Do you find yourself longing for summer again?  We've been very busy working on all the details for 2013 and we are more than excited about next year!

 Unfortunately we have to delay just a bit longer due to some very exciting sponsorship news from Sugoi! We need a little more time in order to accommodate this recent addition (see Sugoi message below) but we think it will be well worth the wait!

New For 2013

Be one of the first 150 athletes to sign up for 4 or more races at one time through on-line registration and also receive a custom designed Subaru Triathlon Series bike jersey from Sugoi.

 Also: Don't miss out on these great discount opportunities;
Many of you really missed the express card option last year. We heard you loud and clear and that is why for a limited time only we are bringing back the EXPRESS CARD!

Here is how an Express Card works.

 Pay one price and race all season long! You can purchase a SPRINT card which entitles you to race any sprint or try a try event in 2013 OR if you like the longer distance events then purchase our Long Distance Card. (includes Peterborough Half , Muskoka 5150 and Guelph 1 Olympic)   Both cards offer a considerable cost savings of at least 25% and is an all inclusive price. Deadline to purchase the express card is May 15th.

2013 Sprint Express Card : $396.00
2013 Long Distance Card: $501.00

*prices exclude  HST, Triathlon Ontario fees, and Events On-Line fees..

Multiple Race Discounts Too!

If you don't think you are up to racing 8 races this year but are still hoping to save some money:
We are continuing to offer the Multiple Race Discount! If you chose 3-4 races at one time then you will automatically receive 10% of the total price.
Chose 5 or more and you are looking at a 15% discount!


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